Development of a new life expectancy and quality of life prediction model for Canadians

May 21, 2019

Most existing life expectancy calculators predict the risk of death from one condition and a few risk factors. Our website model will consider 64 risk factors to predict death from 270 diseases and injuries. The “Canadian Risk and Health Manager” (CHaRM) will be accessible to physicians, researchers, experts, and potentially made available to the general public.

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Fighting fatigue using a physical activity intervention

Apr 11, 2019

Current evidence suggests that physical activity leads to improved health in people living with inflammatory arthritis, such as improved joint health, mobility, and psychological well-being. This study will investigate the effectiveness of physical activity in reducing fatigue by using data from the physical activity counselling program being tested in the OPAM-IA trial.

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MyArthritisGuide: An online tool to support self-management of rheumatoid arthritis

Apr 02, 2019

People living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) will have access to reliable and clear information to help understand their disease better with the MyArthritisGuide. It’s an interactive website that will provide patients with tailored information to help them make good health decisions and personal choices in the management of their disease.

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Patients transforming research: A new online app to maximize patient involvement in developing research questions

Mar 15, 2019

Patient engagement in research can be a rewarding and beneficial experience when we support and value their input. That’s why the new “Citizen Health: Action, Network & Global Engagement” (CHANGE) web portal will maximize patient engagement and involvement by inviting patients and caregivers to interact with researchers, and help develop research questions.

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Preventing Complications with Improved Physical Activity: Can Self-Monitoring Technologies Help?

Feb 07, 2019

Using a Fitbit tracker to monitor a patient’s physical activity to provide feedback and encouragement to achieve their activity goals. This sub-project of the PRECISION study looks at improved physical activity to prevent the medical complications associated with inflammatory skin, joint and bowel diseases.

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Price caps for generic drugs: Ensuring fair pricing and reducing potential shortages for Canadians

Mar 12, 2018

Worldwide, generic drugs are priced cheaper than brand names to make generic markets more competitive and to reduce drug costs. This study will determine the impact of different price-caps on the Canadian generic drug market. The results will guide policy-making decisions to ensure fair pricing and reduced risk of generic drug shortages in Canada.

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A New Method to Measure Health Literacy

Jan 09, 2018

Health literacy refers to an individual’s ability to access, understand, evaluate, communicate and use basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions. Before health literacy can be improved, we need to be able to measure it. This study will develop a new tool to do that.

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Will using your arthritis medications during pregnancy cause you or your baby to have more infections?

Jan 09, 2018

It is not clear how arthritis medications affect the immune system of pregnant women or their babies after birth. This study will determine whether using these medications during pregnancy leads to mothers and babies having more infections and, if so, what appropriate prevention and monitoring steps need to be in place to ensure the health of mothers and their babies.

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Assessing Meaningful Patient Engagement in Research

Jan 12, 2017

Patient engagement helps make research more relevant to the needs of patients, but there is currently no tool to assess the extent to which patients are meaningfully engaged in research. The “Patient Engagement in Research Scale” (PEIRS) is identifying successful ways of engaging patients in research.

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PRECISION: Preventing Complications from Inflammatory Skin, Joint and Bowel Conditions

Jul 07, 2016

People with inflammatory diseases of the skin, joint, or bowel are now more likely to die from medical complications of the disease than the disease itself, including cardiovascular disease, severe infections, hip fractures, selected cancers, diabetes, and chronic lung disease. This 5-year, $2.5 million research project will develop ways to prevent these complications for more than 5 million Canadians to…

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