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Summer 2015

Reaching Out with Arthritis Research ROAR 2015



Osteoarthritis and You – What you can do NOW!


Saturday, October 3rd., 2015

9:30a.m. – 12:30p.m. PST


Vancouver Public Library
350 West Georgia Street
Alice Mackay Room




Online Live Webcast


What do a rheumatologist, an orthopaedic surgeon, a clinical bio- mechanist, a clinical health researcher and an arthritis patient/consumer advocate have in common? They are all osteoarthritis (OA) experts, who will speak at ROAR 2015.


What do people with OA want to know? We are honoured to have six speakers share their research with us, guided by topics which represent the patient voice.




Dr. Jolanda Cibere – rheumatologist and OA researcher


Dr. Nelson Greidanus – orthopaedic surgeon, hip and knee replacement/reconstruction specialist


Dr. Michael Hunt – clinical mechanist and physiotherapist; investigates gait mechanics and effects of exercise on patients with OA.


Cheryl Koehn – director, consumer advocate and arthritis patient, presents aid to OA screening.


Dr. Deborah Marshall – health researcher and health economist; her research examines patient expectations and preferences for joint replacement surgery, as well as developing a model to aid patients in their decision making.


Judit Tacaks – PhD candidate with research focus on knee OA and aging; balance and mobility.


The Arthritis Patient Advisory Board, (APAB) will present the annual public forum Saturday, October 3rd, at the Main Vancouver Public Library. Join us in person or the on-line live webcast.  Registration will open in early June.


Please check the ARC website for details: arthritisresearch.ca/ROAR.


APAB looks forward to sharing a wealth of Osteoarthritis Research with you!

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