The Arthritis Newsletter

Fall 2019

September is Arthritis Awareness Month!

Only arthritis research can save the lives of 6 million Canadians experiencing the pain and disability of this disease. Please help us make a difference today.

Arthritis in the Family: Navigating a Loved One's Diagnosis

Arthritis doesn’t just impact the patient. It can have a life-changing effect on loved ones who feel helpless as they desperately search for a new place in the patient’s life.

What? I can get osteoarthritis in my thirties!?

It is estimated that 1 in 4 Canadians will have osteoarthritis by 2035. We sat down with new Arthritis Research Canada scientist, Dr. Whittaker, to learn more about the connection between youth sports injuries and early onset osteoarthritis, as well as preventing OA.

Hidden Risk: How an Undiagnosed Condition Led to a Lifetime of Arthritis

Michèle Ruggles was 55 when she found out she had been living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome since birth. It’s a condition so rare that the average family physician may only see one case in their lifetime.

Living and Adjusting to Life with Arthritis

An arthritis diagnosis can be hard to accept. Discover how one doctor and grandmother of three adapted to life with rheumatoid arthritis.

Quebec Patient Engagement Update

Patients Interested in Arthritis Research (PIRA), Arthritis Research Canada’s Quebec-based patient group, turns seven this year! Find out what they have been up to.