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Call for research participants: Exploring the health benefits of everyday activities for people with inflammatory arthritis


We are recruiting individuals with and without inflammatory arthritis for a study that will explore the health benefits of everyday activities. While the main goal of this study is to explore the relationship between everyday activities and health outcomes of those with inflammatory arthritis, we are also asking people without arthritis to participate in order to determine how the relationship between everyday activities and health differs between groups.


Start date:

September 2018


End date:



You are eligible if you:

  • Have inflammatory arthritis (with no other major health conditions) OR do not have inflammatory arthritis and are generally healthy
  • Are 19 years of age or older
  • Do not currently smoke


What’s involved?

Participants will attend a two-hour group session in British Columbia to fill out health and activity questionnaires, and provide blood samples using a pinprick blood test (five blood spots).


Why do this research?

Other than physical activity, there is little evidence regarding the types of activities or occupations that support living well with inflammatory arthritis. We aim to study the health benefits of people’s everyday activities, with an emphasis on social and creative characteristics of activities, among adults with and without inflammatory arthritis.


Who is on the research team?

Co-principal investigators: Dr. Catherine Backman, Professor, UBC; Senior Research Scientist, Arthritis Research Canada Flora To-Miles, OT; PhD Candidate, UBC

Co-investigators: Dr. Susan Forwell, Associate Professor, UBC Dr. Eli Puterman, Assistant Professor, UBC

Collaborators: Members of the Arthritis Patient Advisory Board, including: Katie LeBlanc Philippa Tattersall  



Contact Flora To-Miles 604.364.6223

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