The Care Equation: You + Your Doctor

Navigating an arthritis diagnosis can be confusing, emotional and overwhelming. There’s a lot of information to absorb as patients face treatment decisions and major life changes.

The Canadian healthcare system has guidelines that outline best practices for each health condition. But this doesn’t mean all patients with the same disease receive the same treatment. Patients and physicians discuss options and make decisions together. That’s The Care Equation: You + Your Doctor. The goal: to provide the highest quality care possible. This means reducing pain, swelling, risk of joint deformities and improving function. It means giving people their lives back.

But how do we ensure all arthritis patients receive high quality care? How do we get every patient diagnosed early? How do we make sure their care is safe, efficient and what they want? That’s where arthritis researchers come in.

In this episode, we take you behind the scenes to give you a look into how health decisions are made and how researchers are working to improve care for people with arthritis.

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Find out how arthritis researchers are working to improve quality of care for patients living with different types of arthritis.

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