The Arthritis Newsletter

Spring 2015

And the award goes to......Dr. Linda Li

By Lianne Gulka


An ARC scientist is recognized for her commitment to involving patients as research partners.


One of the core beliefs of ARC’s Arthritis Patients Advisory Board (APAB) is that including the patient voice in arthritis research is of benefit to both researchers and patients. The obvious benefits include research that is relevant to patient need, that is better focused and that allows for collaboration between medical professionals and lay patients. APAB is committed to both encourage and recognize researchers who have made patient involvement a routine part of their work.


Recently, the Arthritis Patient Advisory Board announced that Dr. Linda Li, a senior research scientist at Arthritis Research Canada, was the recipient of the 2014 APAB Researcher Recognition Award for Outstanding Patient Inclusion. Dr. Li’s repeat win was based on her exemplary work involving and including patients in research on a regular basis.


Consistently and passionately, Dr. Li has involved patients as integral partners in the development of the research question, study design, interpretation of the results and preparation of the manuscript. Her key projects include ANSWER (a decision aid for methotrexate) and ANSWER-2 (a decision aid for the use of biologic medications). Currently Dr. Li is conducting a series of studies examining the use of activity monitors to support physical activity in patients with chronic disease.


Dr. Li not only encourages and values our patient voice, but she ultimately incorporates it in her research. She is also a skilled mentor, and constantly ensures her trainees follow in her footsteps, including patients throughout the research process. Dr. Li is training tomorrow’s researchers to be deliberative and respectful of the presence of patient perspective.


As patients involved in her work, we are grateful that researchers like Dr. Li value our ideas and perspectives.  It is exciting to be involved at the forefront of important new initiatives with Dr. Li and her team. APAB extends its warmest wishes and enduring gratitude for all she does in the name of patient involvement.

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