The Arthritis Newsletter: Winter 2017 | Arthritis Research Canada

The Arthritis Newsletter

Winter 2017

When Teamwork Creates Research: Dr. Jacek Kopec opens up on his research and the collaborations that bring it to life.

Get to know the researcher behind the science in this interview with ARC Senior Scientist, Dr. Jacek Kopec.
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GIVE THE GIFT OF RESEARCH. Consider making a gift in the name of a loved one this holiday season.

Meet Elise and learn why she and her family are supporting life-saving arthritis research.

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ROAR 2017: Patient Voice Has Become a Prominent Fixture in Arthritis Research

Held on October 21st, the 11th ROAR event showcased the growing importance of the patient voice. Read the recap of the event.
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A Non-Invasive Solution

One man’s experience using physiotherapy instead of surgery to manage and improve arthritis.

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A Natural Solution: Restoring Autoimmune Health and Nutrition

Read one woman’s journey towards using nutrition to manage arthritis and restore her health.

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Introducing PIRA!

ARC is expanding it’s patient advisory board to represent ARC-Quebec. Read more about the team and how they achieved their first annual Walk for Arthritis Research fundraiser.

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The BC Arthritis Community All in One Place!

Arthritis Research Canada is pleased to be a part of ArthritisBC+Me, a new website portal that allows BC arthritis patients to stay informed about the latest arthritis research.
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