Dr. Marie Westby, PT, PhD

Hip and Knee Replacements in Canada: What Does Quality Rehabilitation Care Look Like?

Dr. Westby will share results of a Canada-wide consensus survey to identify quality indicators for hip and knee replacement rehabilitation, and will discuss how patients and family members can use these quality indicators to make good rehabilitation choices.

Dr. Catherine Backman PhD, OT(C), FCAOT

Changing Shoes: The Impact of Arthritis on Self Identity and Roles

Life experiences are recalled and shared in the form of stories. Dr. Backman's team analyzed the experiences of women living with inflammatory arthritis and noted the strong use of metaphors to explain the impact of their illness on how they engaged in life roles and interacted with others. The most powerful metaphor was 'changing shoes' and spoke to both actual and figurative adaptations to different shoes, roles, and sense of self or identity. 'New shoes' represents the transition to living with arthritis and engaging in new roles.

Dr. Lynne Feehan, BSc(PT), MSc, PhD

Well in Hand and Feet.....Bone Health and Physical Activity in Early RA

This presentation will explore how early aging changes in hand bones and physical inactivity may be contributing to an increased risk of fractures in people living with RA.  Suggesting that monitoring of bone health and support for an active lifestyle should be part of early RA care.

Dr. Linda Li, BSc(PT), MSc, PhD

Web, Apps and Wearables: Tools for Joint Health?

This presentation will explore the use of activity monitoring tools for people with arthritis.

Dr. James Dunne, MB, FRCPC &
Ms. Marilyn Mulldoon

A Beginner's Guide to Raynaud's


  • Discussing Raynaud's as a common companion to Sjogren's
  • How I came to know something was wrong
  • Triggers - some well established and others not so much
  • Coping with phenomenon, including clothing, freezer equipment, outdoor supplies, equipment padding, etc.