What Is ROAR?

To ensure that the latest research reaches people with arthritis, members of the Arthritis Patient Advisory Board (people with arthritis) are hosting ROAR (Reaching Out with Arthritis Research) on Saturday, November 22, 2014. ROAR is an interactive, educational forum that was developed in British Columbia ten years ago. At this event, the latest research findings are presented to people with arthritis, their family members and the public, in easy-to-understand language.

What can I expect at ROAR?

Patients, researchers and health care providers will gather to discuss the latest research on quality hip and knee replacement rehabilitation, bone changes in early rheumatoid arthritis and more. Presentations include:

  • Dr. Marie Westby - Hip and Knee Replacements in Canada: What Does Quality Rehabilitation Care Look Like?
  • Dr. Lynne Feehan - Well in Hand and Feet.....Bone Health and Physical Activity in Early RA
  • Dr. Catherine Backman - Changing Shoes: The Impact of Arthritis on Self Identity and Roles
  • Dr. Linda Li - Web, Apps and Wearables: Tools for Joint Health?
  • Marilyn Muldoon, a patient and Dr. James Dunne - A Beginner's Guide to Raynaud's

Each presentation will be followed by a short Question and Answer period designed to further discussion both online and in person. To end the event a Speakers Panel will provide an opportunity for attendees to join the dialogue and ask questions. 

Who should attend?

People with arthritis, health care professionals, researchers and the general public will all benefit from this discussion. The face-to-face meeting and live online interaction with researchers will give ROAR attendees a unique opportunity to raise concerns and ask pertinent questions. It is crucial to convey the reality of living with arthritis to those who can steer and shape the future directions of research.