ARC Champion award presented to Maureen Ilich

Richmond, BC (September 9, 2014) – The ARC Champion award is presented to an individual or company that has made a unique and significant contribution to ARC’s growth and development..

Maureen Ilich receives Champion Award from ARC

ARC Champion Award honours Milan & Maureen Ilich Foundation
Left to right: Ron McKerrow, ARC Board Chair, Maureen Ilich, Minister Terry Lake, Minister of Health

For the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada, that describes the very essence of the support and generosity bestowed upon us by the Milan & Maureen Ilich Foundation.  In 2012, with a donation of $4 million the Milan Ilich Arthritis Research Centre was established.  This gift, coupled with five years of rent-free office space from Progressive Construction, has provided ARC a secure base from which to advance our world class research and encourage other like-minded donors to follow their lead.

Therefore, it was with great honour that ARC, in partnership with the Minister of Health, presented Maureen Ilich with the ARC Champion Award.  As it was Milan and Maureen’s intention that we use their donation to inspire others to give, it seemed only fitting that Maureen Ilich be given this award at the announcement to mark the Province of British Columbia’s $3 million commitment to advancing arthritis research. 

The Arthritis Research Centre of Canada is incredibly proud to be able to acknowledge Maureen Ilich with our most prestigious award.